Brad Repp

Brad is a business and engineering leader experienced in developing transformational products and high-performance technical teams for aerospace and defense customers.

Brad is a professional engineer (PE) experienced in rapid product development, program management, and operations management.  As a systems thinker with a dual engineering & business mindset, he is adept at developing new products and business models. Brad is an analytical thinker who employs decision science and economic analyses to manage the business of technology.  He understands finance, cost accounting, and government rate structures.

Brad has board-level management experience in both public and private companies to include strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions (both buy and sell side), and company integrations. He is an entrepreneur, mentor, and creative strategist.

Brad has 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, and fielding CBRN Protection products and systems, most notably in advancing air filtration methods, control systems, and large-scale installations to protect naval ships, hospitals, and laboratories. He holds patents in shipboard Collective Protection Systems (CPS) and negotiated sales agreements with international partners.

Brad founded New World Associates, Inc., an engineering design and development firm noted for its work with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) to develop advanced prosthetic arm technologies for returning soldiers. At HDT Global, Brad served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) where he managed a diverse portfolio of research and development projects. At Breeze-Eastern Corporation, Brad served as vice president of product development, leading a team to develop and demonstrate smart rescue hook technologies to improve safety and performance of helicopter search and rescue (SAR) operations.

Brad serves as Trustee for The Mary Washington Hospital Foundation and Fredericksburg Academy, both located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

BS Mechanical Engineering – Penn State University
MBA – Arizona State University