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Dynovis has broad experience in the design, manufacture, and fielding of frame and air supported shelters for military and relief agencies.

With expertise in Collective Protection (ColPro) and personnel decontamination, we can deliver shelter systems with toxic-free environments for confident use in CBRNE threat environments.

In partnership with UTS Systems, Dynovis works with customers to define, develop, source, and deploy shelter systems that serve billeting, medical, and command and control functions.

For more information about the UTS shelter product line, visit UTS-Systems.com.


Mobile Power and Environmental Control

Dynovis designs and manufactures expeditionary generators and support trailers. Our XGS expeditionary generators are designed to handle the rugged, demanding conditions while delivering pure conditioned power without disruption. Our XGT support trailers combine generators and environmental conditioning units (ECU), but go further with user-friendly shelter stowage and handling systems for time savings in the field.

XGS30 – Expeditionary Generator, Skid Mount, 30kW

      XGS30 Spec Sheet
      XGS30/XGT30 Special Warranty Provisions

XGT30 – Expeditionary Generator, Trailer Mount, 30kW, 5T or 8T ECU.

      XGT30 Spec Sheet
XGS30/XGT30 Special Warranty Provisions




Dynovis manufactures high quality fabric envelopes for various tethered aerostat platforms ranging from 5K to 100K cu ft. in volume. We currently manufacture the 5K Rapidly Elevated Aerostat Platform (REAP), in partnership with Berkeley ISR. We provide customers with turn-key aerostat systems with rapid trailer-based deployment equipment. Aerostat systems provide users with a persistent elevated platform for C4ISR applications.

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